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You can   learn Workday from to become an expert in any of the 40+ Workday modules in   HCM, Finance, and Student. 

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Every   Workday consultant must take the Workday training.To be certified, you must   be a Workday employee or an employee of one of the   Workday partners. Generally, the business will   cover the cost 

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Workday   was established in March 2005, and it was introduced in November 2006. It was founded by   David Duffield (Founder and former CEO of ERP company PeopleSoft), and Aneel   Bhusri (prior Chief strategist of PeopleSoft).

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You can   just get a certification from Workday by either being an   employee of Workday or   a Workday partner   organization. · All new experts take

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HRIS   certification, also called HR certification, is an   optional educational component of your HR career that keeps you abreast of   HR-related technology, trends in the field, and evidence-based practices.